Hello From Swansea

Hello everyone, I realise its been a while. This summer has been a busy one. More on that soon.

Mister Maker & the Shapes Live

Mister Maker
So a quick update, as of the beginning of September this year I’ve been the sound operator and tech on the Mister Maker & the Shapes LIVE! tour. We’re currently in the Swansea Grand Theatre, and have already been to Northampton, Southend and St Albans.

This job has been great, I’m currently looking after radio microphones and QLab from a Yamaha LS9 16 digital mixing desk. It’s been brilliant seeing all these new venues and their different sound systems. I’ve been using the in house sound systems as well as the in house monitor wedges. For those starting out in the world of audio this something you’ll need to be able to adapt to quickly, is to able to get the mix where you want it in a brand new room and a new system, and doing it quickly. There will inevitably be moments where things happen during a get-in, and you may well be pushed for time.

This tour is running until the beginning of November, where we all take a break to do panto, then jump back on the tour again next year till June. It’s a great show, the cast and crew are all really lovely and it’s a pleasure being involved.

Here’s the promo video to see exactly what we’ve all been doing:


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