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Articles From The Web – FOH Mixing

Hi guys. I’m in the middle of being the sound #2 at a pantomime in the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury during this winter period and I came across this article from Shure:

It details the difference between an in- house engineer over a touring engineer and is a great read for those starting out in the world of live sound. I’m currently doing both right now and I agree with all the points there. There’s certainly exciting challenges in both fields as well as some downsides. Which side of the fence do you sit?


Digital Mixing Desks Poll

So I’ve been lucky enough to mix on quite a few mixers now. From the small to the mighty. But one thing always intrigues me, and that is how people feel about certain digital mixers. Some truly believe in one brand, whereas someone else wouldn’t go near it.

For whatever your reasons, lets see what the general thoughts are on this matter. Vote below.


Have I missed one out of the list that you particularly favour? Leave a comment.